Celebrating our birthday in Albuquerque

Long before Jamie and I got married my buddy and I were just a couple of deranged adolescents in care about with each other! Believe it or not, I met Jamie in high school, which makes us “high school sweethearts.” Over the last 18 years my buddy and I have been best friends, lovers, and company partners, but she is the basis for my whole life, and I couldn’t be happier! A long time ago things were more complicated, and my buddy and I had to sneak away to be together, but which brings me to the subject of Albuquerque, New Mexico, a place that holds special significance for us, then you see, when Jamie and I decided to elope and get married in secret, my buddy and I drove to Albuquerque for the weekend, it was a anniversary and a honeymoon all in one, and ever since then Albuquerque has been a place my buddy and I visit every year for our anniversary.

While there my buddy and I only ever do two things – first, my buddy and I make sure to be outside of neighborhood to enjoy those attractive Albuquerque sunsets.

Second, my buddy and I visit the nearest cannabis dispensary and load up on killer weed; The cannabis strains developed in Albuquerque are among the best in the world, so I always buy a few ounces when my buddy and I visit. After that Jamie and I spent the weekend stoned on cannabis products and wandering around downtown Albuquerque; My fantastic friend and I enjoy local cuisine, take in a live songs show, and then return to our hotel room to smoke more cannabis! Other than that, Jamie and I go to Albuquerque to relive our honeymoon, if you know what I mean.

Cannabis Pick-up Albuquerque NM