I got a medical marijuana card in Philadelphia

There are a few marijuana dispensaries in the neighborhood of Philadelphia plus a couple of places where you can get a medical marijuana card.

There is even one dispensary that has products plus you can get your medical marijuana card on the same afternoon, and my acquaintance plus I went to this dispensary when my associate and I heard about the special, but for $200, you could get your medical marijuana card on the same afternoon plus get $50 worth of free products, however i didn’t feel there was any way that I was going to be able to qualify for a medical marijuana that card.

I went to the Philadelphia marijuana dispensary plus I spoke with a man at the counter. I told that man that I did not have a medical marijuana card however I heard that they had a doctor available. The guy took me to a different waiting room plus there were two more people inside… She told me it was going to take about a half an hour, but the doctor was in plus would be with me shortly. The doctor in Philadelphia helped me get my medical marijuana card so I could buy products from the dispensary. The dispensary had a lot of possibilities available including edibles, pain relievers, tinctures, CBD products, plus concentrates. They had an amazing selection of dried marijuana flour. I got two sativas from the Philadelphia dispensary and two indicas, one of the indica’s was a strain called Grand Momdy Purp plus I thought it was a genuinely bizarre plus funny name.
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