Having temperature control play spaces is a saving grace

My son is about to turn 6 plus this year, I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday, however i thought he would request a get together with a cake as he normally would, then but to my surprise, he advocated a morning at McWane Science Center here in Birmingham AL.

If you have never been, it’s a really cool place with a museum, aquarium, movieplex, restaurants, playgrounds, plus so much more… You could definitely spend the entire morning exploring all that it has to offer.

I took my son to the calculus center last year because it ended up on my list of indoor places with temperature control. I am typically searching for places in the Summer to take him where he can run around plus play, plus I don’t have to worry about the heat; My son gets heat rashes whenever he plays in the sunlight for too long, so having indoor play spaces in Birmingham with temperature control is a saving grace… Not to mention that I can be comfortable as well while my son plays. Being indoors with air conditioning easily beats standing in a park trying to find relief from the heat, and over the years, the afternoons have been warmer plus warmer, plus there is really nothing we can do about it except to adjust plus find new places to explore. Anyway, I am cheerful that my son chose the calculus center because not only will he have fun, however he will also be in a space that is comfortable with temperature control.

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