My family and I updated to a new heat pump and air conditioner

Winters in Massachusetts can be very cold, but my family and I recently updated to a new heat pump and air conditioner that keeps our whole family cozy and warm during the winter.

I honestly didn’t know that there were heat pumps available that could be used during the winters in Lowell, Massachusetts. I was surprised when it was offered to me as a heating solution for my home. The technician told me that there were a lot of great advancements made in the HVAC industry to allow homeowners to have a heat pump even when temperatures drop below freezing. The service technician really sold me on the idea of getting the heat pump and air conditioner installed. I am absolutely in love with the new system. We have had a couple of days of very cold weather this week and the heat pump has worked very well. I haven’t had any problems with hot or cold spots throughout the house and it seems like it is even heating throughout the whole area. Even the back bedrooms that are farthest away from the heat pump are the same warm temperature as the places close to the equipment. I honestly could not be happier with the setup and the service company was certified and knowledgeable. The two people worked quickly and efficiently to install all of the equipment in less than a day. I didn’t even have to worry about getting permits from the city. The Lowell heating and AC company took care of everything for me. I even recommended the place to my parents for their heating needs.


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