Jacksonville has been my house for 20 years

Jacksonville, Florida, has been my house for more than 20 years, however i moved to Jacksonville when I was in the navy.

I spent 8 years in Jacksonville plus another two years at the Mayport base, after that I decided to retire from the military.

I obtained a small fishing boat plus I take people out on the water every day for fishing charters! When I’m out on the water, I feel undoubtedly much at ease plus relaxed. 15 years in the military was easily difficult on my body plus my mind. I like residing in Jacksonville plus I recently moved to the beach, and living near the beach is dangerous, because I have seen a number of hurricanes plus tropical storms demolish houses, condos, plus apartments all along the beach. Last year a tree fell in my backyard while in a tropical storm plus it landed right on top of the window cooling system in the garage. When the tree hit the window cooling system, it also hit the side of the building, and half of the garage was destroyed when the cooling system broke out of the window plus the wood plus I had a mess to scrub up. I got a big amount of money for the disfigurements plus I used that money to fix up the house. After that I sold it plus decided to buy the place by the beaches. I will not need a window cooling system in the garage now, because I will have the attractive breeze coming in off the ocean. Hopefully that will save me some money while in the Summer months.


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