The A/C repair company has ideal staff

On Monday evening at the restaurant, it wasn’t entirely busy.

My associate and I had one executive chef & one sous chef in the home office, two wait staff personnel, & a home office that was only half full, however i decided to let both of the hostesses go home at 10:00, even though they were busy to labor until midnight, the restaurant closes at 11:00 & my great friend and I weren’t entirely busy.

The two guys had plenty of time to get all of their assignments done before leaving early at 10:00, and around 10:15, a bus with hungry university students arrived. They were on their way home from a game & decided to stop somewhere to get food… Suddenly my great friend and I had eight tables of youngsters & they were all hungry. I carefully took all of the orders, one at a time. I gave all of the orders to the home office staff. They were distraught by the timing of our guests, although I reminded the guys that my great friend and I do not close until eleven. The A/C problems started shortly after all of the guests arrived. It started getting warmer & warmer inside of the building. At first I attributed the heat to all of the guests. I realized there was a problem when I was sitting under an HVAC duct & boiling air was coming out instead of cold air. I called the emergency repair company nearby in Orland park. The Orland Park A/C repair company had someone at the restaurant before my great friend and I closed. It could not have taken more than 30 minutes for the repair serviceman to arrive, because the group of youngsters were still eating when the Orland Park A/C repair company arrived.

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