The AC repair company has great staff

On Monday night at the restaurant, it wasn’t very busy.

  • We had one executive chef and one sous chef in the kitchen, two wait staff personnel, and a dining room that was only half full.

I decided to let both of the servers go home at 10:00, even though they were scheduled to work until midnight. The restaurant closes at 11:00 and we weren’t very busy. The two guys had plenty of time to get all of their assignments done before leaving early at 10:00. Around 10:15, a bus with hungry college students arrived. They were on their way home from a game and decided to stop somewhere to get food. Suddenly we had eight tables of kids and they were all hungry. I carefully took all of the orders, one at a time. I gave all of the orders to the kitchen staff. They were aggravated by the timing of our guests, but I reminded the guys that we don’t close until eleven. The AC problems started shortly after all of the guests arrived. It started getting warmer and warmer inside of the building. At first I attributed the heat to all of the guests. I realized there was a problem when I was standing under an air duct and warm air was coming out instead of cold air. I called the emergency service company nearby in Orland park. The Orland Park AC repair company had someone at the restaurant before we closed. It could not have taken more than 30 minutes for the service technician to arrive, because the group of kids were still eating when the Orland Park AC repair company arrived.
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