HVAC specialists make approximately $50k per year in Phoenix

For about 25 years I have worked in numerous roles in the HVAC industries and during that time, I lived in a few bizarre cities throughout the country… One of those cities includes Phoenix AZ, where I had the most success working in the HVAC industry, then due to the weather in Phoenix, there is a high demand for HVAC service plus for the component and parts, in fact, the state of AZ ranks in the top 5 when it comes to the demand for HVAC workers and the parts and component are in high demand as well! The weather has a lot to do with the HVAC demand, and with Phoenix being one of the hottest cities in the country, HVAC specialists can make a good residing here.

In fact, the starting salary for HVAC specialists in Phoenix is around $50k per year.

This works out to about $24 per hour if the specialist is working a 40-hour week. There is potential to earn lots of overtime, especially during the Summer which is the busiest season during the year, and the HVAC industry is steadily growing which means there is more potential to make more money, however being an HVAC specialist is not an straight-forward task in Phoenix because the weather can be unforgiving… So, in my opinion, and with my 25-year knowledge in the HVAC industry, I know the specialists should be making more money. Afterall, HVAC will always be around, and it is a multi-billion dollar industry that experienced tremendous growth every year. Not to mention that the specialists risk their lives to make sure that the residents of Phoenix can be comfortable in their homes.

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