We went to an lavish restaurant for supper

There are a couple of entirely nice places to eat in Jacksonville.

A few of them are down by the beaches and a couple of them are in the downtown area, and there is one particular lavish steakhousehold where my partner and I like to go when it is our birthday… My fantastic friend and I went to the lavish steakhousehold on our first date and ever since then it has been our special place to visit, and on Tuesday night my friend and I had reservations at 7:30.

My fantastic friend and I arrived at 7:00 and it was unquestionably busy, honestly, I did not feel my friend and I were even going to get into the steakhousehold at the time of our reservation. My fantastic friend and I were fortunate that there were only two of us in our celebration, if my friend and I had a few more people with us, my friend and I truly would have been on the waitlist even with a reservation. My fantastic friend and I found our table and my friend and I ordered a bottle of wine and a tote of white and wheat bread. My fantastic friend and I had a couple of sips of wine and after that I detached my jacket. It was a little sizzling inside of the building. My partner was sizzling as well. In fact, it felt like sizzling air was coming out of the AC unit. My partner motioned for the server to come to our table and I mentioned complications with the AC unit. The server in the Jacksonville restaurant told me not to worry about the AC unit. I did not like the response that my friend and I earned so I immediately demanded to speak with the supervisor. The supervisor told me that there were no complications with the AC equipment and the concern was all of the people inside of the building.


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