I could have central HVAC in Minneapolis, MN

When I bought my Minneapolis, Minnesota house it was apparent the previous owner added a lot onto the space. I can tell what the original house is and what was added later. There are so many extra rooms and odd spaces in my house now. The gas fireplace I felt was the original heating system in the Minneapolis, MN home. For a small MN home, that heater would have been perfect. When you add an office, two bedrooms and another bathroom, well that fireplace is no longer good enough. I started looking at potentially making two heaters in my house. I had a HVAC contractor come into my home to take a peek around. The guy actually informed me that the previous owner did his due diligence. The addition did have ductwork that connected to the old house. That meant I could simply buy a central HVAC unit and have whole home temperature control. I could have both heating and cooling for every room. I ripped out that fireplace to get more square footage. I then had just one central heater and air conditioner installed in the home. The outdoor unit is tucked on the side of my house and out of the way. I love having all the rooms evenly heated and cooled. My area doesn’t get that hot, but having the option of AC is really a nice thing. Every now and then it gets quite sticky and muggy at night. So while I might not like the new additions, I do like that they came with ductwork.

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