Cannabis deliveries on the gorgeous waters of Muskegon

One of the largest tourist attractions on this side of Lake Michigan is the joy of boating plus fishing, anything that has to do with enjoying the water is substantial supplier around here, then my associate and I have athletic activity fishing, pier fishing, boat races, sailing regattas, plus even a port for smaller sized cruise ships.

For anyone who loves being on the water, this is the location to be; I live in the neighborhood of Muskegon, which is adjacent to the harbor! Just like everyone else I know, I prefer being on the water; Since there are so many tourists plus visitors coming through Muskegon, plus they don’t know the neighborhood truly well, I decided to help them out plus start delivering cannabis.

It is truly easy to find cannabis in Muskegon, there are many excellent dispensaries, but for newcomers, especially people who stay on their boats, they needed an easier way to get the marijuana delivered to them. I have a small 10-foot skiff, so I became the first cannabis delivery boat in Muskegon; You can location your order with me, I will go to a cannabis dispensary for you, plus then pilot it out to your boat in the harbor, or in nearby Lake Michigan. All I needed to do was provide my name plus contact info to a few of the local Muskegon boat pilots, plus the orders started pouring in. I can charge whatever I want as a convenience fee, plus these people will spend money it! I guess this is a service all the Muskegon cannabis shops will start offering before too long.



Cannabis Pick-up Muskegon MI