I no longer like working out in an air conditioned gym

During the pandemic, when everything was locked down, I had to find ways to stay entertained. There were tons of outdoor attractions that I attended. And luckily, because I live in Royal Palm Beach, the ocean is less than 20 minutes away. Aside from the beach, I began going to various parks in my area. This is because my gym closed for a few weeks, so I needed to find somewhere to workout. The gym closing was a blessing in disguise because I ended up canceling my gym membership because I enjoyed being outside in the park more. While the gym has air conditioning, getting that fresh air outside is so much better. Plus, I don’t have to wait for any equipment at the park or worry about working out too long on a machine. This means, at the park, there are no limits, so I am able to work out at my leisure. And to be honest, I don’t mind not having air conditioning. I work out in the morning or in the evening during the cooler part of the day. So, I am never hot when I work out, so I am not bothered by not having air conditioning. Not to mention that the A/C inside the gym was always so cold. I assume it was because the A/C helped to clean the odor from the air. But when the gym is too cold, my body doesn’t sweat, so working out in the air conditioning doesn’t help with releasing toxins from the body. All in all, I am getting a better workout in the parks and thankfully, we have great weather here in Royal Palm Beach.


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