I spend the day at the park, while avoiding running my air conditioner

Now that the weather has been nice outside, my kids have been asking me to take them to their favorite park.

Commons Park is a small neighborhood park here in Royal Palm Beach that my kids can’t get enough of.

It’s a beautiful park that is close to home, and my kids can easily spend a few hours playing there. They especially love the splash pad, which to be honest is probably the main reason they want to go. In the Summer, if we are not at the beach, they love going to this park. It’s a great place for them to cool off when the weather is hot outside. It certainly is better than them sitting at home playing video games inside the house. And I am glad that they love going to the park because it actually saves me money on my energy bill. If we are not in the house, it means that I am not running my air conditioner as much. And living in Florida every little bit counts. We run our air conditioner for most of the year, so whenever I can give it a break, I will take it. Just like many of your typical city parks, Commons Park doesn’t have that many air conditioned spaces. However, there is a cafe located inside the park that has air conditioning, and it’s a great place to cool off and grab a bite to eat. During the Summer, we can easily spend the entire day in the park, and I am glad that the kids enjoy it so much.

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