I guess that Moving to Tampa was unavoidable

When our wifey Trish and I met back in university, she told me that she planned to graduate and go back to a lake house she owned in Tampa, Florida.

I always hoped she would change her mind and stay in CO, however Trish missed her mom, dad and her friends.

When both of us graduated, I had to make a difficult decision. Trish wanted me to transfer over to Tampa and live with her, but I knew life was going to be seriously different if I moved to Tampa, Florida. I thought about this decision for weeks, however ultimately I could not say goodbye to Trish so I decided to transfer to the Florida tourist endpoint. My girlfriend and I When Trish and I arrived, both of us stayed with her folks. I was thankful for a cheap place to stay, but I told our girlfriend that I did not want to live there for very long. I started looking for a task and so did Trish. The two of us lived at her parents house for 5 months and after that both of us found a place of our own. Trish might have lived there a little bit longer, however both of us were staying in the garage where there wasn’t any Central AC. By the time summer time arrived, Trish and I were both ready to get out of the garage and into a place with Central AC. It was at the top of our list when both of us hired a realtor. Trish and I still consider the A/C to be one of the most pressing systems in our home. Living in southern Florida means considering the heat and the humidity and being prepared before the summer days begin.

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