My friends and I got stuck coming back from the city

The AC in the Lexus worked better than any AC I have seen in a long time

My friends and I decided to drive all the way from Tucson to Phoenix so we could go to a rock and roll concert. The concert was on a Thursday night. My mom did not want me to go with my friends because there weren’t any adults and I wasn’t 18 years old yet. I told my mom that everything was going to be fine. I had a cell phone just in case there was an emergency. We didn’t have any problems the entire drive to Phoenix. The concert ended around midnight. I bought two shirts, two CD’s, and a bag with the name of the band embroidered on the front. It looked badass. My friends and I stopped at a fast food restaurant and grabbed some burgers and fries. We parked in the parking lot next to the restaurant so we could eat before we got back on the road. It was going to be a long drive back to our home city and we were already feeling tired. My buddy Jack was driving his mom’s car. He was getting very tired, so I said we should turn on the air conditioner. We had the windows down, but it was hot outside. We rolled up all of the windows and turned on the air conditioner and it immediately got cold inside of the car. The AC in the Lexus worked better than any AC I have seen in a long time. My friends and I were shivering in less than 5 minutes. We were all awake after that and we found a way to make it the rest of the way home without any problems.

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