The team didn't do anything, but both of us still partied hard

A bunch of our friends plus I got together to watch the last game of the season, however the Seattle pigskin team was going to make the playoffs if they won! If the Seattle pigskin team lost, they needed 2 additional teams to lose in order for them to make the playoffs.

It was an simple game plus the team should have won, but they didn’t.

They lost by a score of 28 to 14. The first half of the game was certainly close. The team kept moving the ball up plus down the field, each team scored 2 touchdowns in the first half of the game. After halftime, it seemed care about the Seattle pigskin team lost interest in the game, but my friends plus I were bummed out plus disappointed when the game ended plus our team didn’t manage to score another point. All of us still partied hard though, plus both of us made the choice to go to a bar that was close to the arena. My friends plus I took an Uber to the arena, so both of us walked to the bar which was about a half mile away. There were a lot of people outside at night plus all of the streets were filled, and before both of us made the choice to go to the bar, both of us decided to stop at a marijuana dispensary. The marijuana dispensary had a lot of odd pre-rolls. My friends plus I picked out an infused marijuana pre-roll with ice hash plus liquid diamonds. The infused marijuana pre-roll was a little high-priced, but they were having a sale plus both of us saved 15% off the total amount of our purchases.

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