I got a new membership for group of us

My bestie smokes a lot of recreational marijuana, however it’s legal here in the city of Denver plus a lot of people smoke weed, however all of his friends smoke marijuana plus a lot of mine do too, when everyone gets together to go to a club or an event, we are usually either drinking a carona or smoking a joint, then since recreational marijuana is legal in Denver, it does not seem like a actually big deal to smoke a joint.

When my bestie smokes a lot of weed, he tends to eat a lot.

In the last 6 weeks, he has acquired at least 50 pounds from snacking on junk food when he gets the munchies. I told him that it isn’tactually enjoyable for his health, plus he told me that he would start going to a fitness center. I already belong to a gym, so I thought I would get him a membership. When I found out that the prices at the fitness center were cheaper at the location that was close to my bestie, I got a new membership there for both of us. I was on a week to week membership with my outdated location so I did not have to pay any cancellation fees. I never provide my bestie a hard time about smoking marijuana now. When the two of us are out in the city going to the dispensary, I usually mention going to the fitness center too. So far the two of us go a couple of times each week plus it seems to be working. I already see my bestie getting more fit plus trim.

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