The Orland Park office will be closed for remodeling

My family and I own a nationally known commercial and residential heating and AC repair and installation company in the Chicago metropolitan area.

We have several offices located throughout the city and the surrounding areas.

A couple of years ago one of our best contractors started working out of an office in Orland park, illinois. The Orland Park office has been open since then and now there are five HVAC contractors working out of that office. The building where the Orland Park office is located needs a lot of work. We had to replace the roof the year after the office was purchased and now we have to close the office down for remodeling. All of the flooring needs to be replaced due to a flood. It rained for 6 days in a row and everything in the area was flooded. I’ve never seen so much rain in this area at one time. I’ve never had any flooding in any of the past years, but this time the Orland Park office had six inches of rainwater. I contacted a couple of places locally so we could get the work done and I was hoping they would be able to handle the construction while we were still open for business. Unfortunately, the Orland Park office has to close for a week while they handle all of the repairs. All of the commercial and residential heating and AC repair and installation technicians are going to need to report to the next closest office which is in Northern Chicago. It’s a longer drive, but it’s only going to be for a week.



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