Seattle is the place that I call home

I moved to Seattle with my mom plus dad.

I was pretty young at the time plus I can hardly even remember living in another state.

When my parents moved to Seattle, it was pretty much due to the increased interests in growing medical plus recreational marijuana products. My parents are biologists that specialized in botany, and my mom got her PhD after writing a paper on the benefits of using recreational marijuana, CBD, plus thca. My parents worked for a certain medical supply dealer, but now they are retired. I still live in Seattle plus so do both of my parents. I could not even consider living anywhere else. A bunch of people do not care about the climate in Seattle. It can be dark, rainy, plus annoying. I have found ways to deal with the sadness that falls upon me though. I try not to focus on the rain plus dark skies regularly, however recreational marijuana helps also. I have been using recreational marijuana since I was an age appropriate to understand how it affects my body. My parents both used recreational marijuana, so they did not argue when I also was feeling a need for the plants, but they would have been hypocrites attempting to tell me no. They educated me on the minimal dangers of going overboard plus I promised to be careful plus take the approved dosage. I never had a setback plus I never overdosed to a point where I felt rotten. My mom plus dad are in their 60s now, but they still use recreational marijuana all the time. Once a week I drive into Seattle plus we have lunch. The group of us consistently share a joint on the porch before the people I was with and I eat our delicious meal.


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