How I choose cannabis strains

I used to strictly choose cannabis products by categories.

If I was looking to relax, chill out or get a better night’s sleep, I’d shop for indica strains. If I wanted to boost my productivity and energy, go for a run or sharpen my focus, I’d look for sativa strains. Sometimes a specific hybrid would interest me. As I’ve gotten more experience with cannabis, I’ve become a bit more knowledgeable and particular. I’ve consulted with the budtenders at the Muskegon dispensary and learned more about cannabinoids and terpenes. These chemical compounds found in cannabis combine to create unique effects. While THC and CBD are the two most common and well-known cannabinoids, there are actually hundreds of them. THC is the compound that causes the high sensation. It is often used to relieve symptoms of nausea and pain. CBD has been gaining popularity as a non-intoxicating remedy for treating pain, inflammation, anxiety and a long list of medical ailments. Terpenes are aromatic compounds produced by numerous plants and fruit. Lavender, oranges, pepper and certain herbs provide very noticeable aromas, flavors and terpenes. The terpenes of cannabis make specific strains smell like fuel, pine, citrus, berries and more. Scientists still don’t really understand how different combinations of terpenes influence the effects of cannabis. However, I know that terpenes definitely alter the effects of a THC or CBD in each strain. I no longer search for indicas or sativas. I now pay attention to chemovars or chemical profiles. I consider how much THC and CBD I want. I determine whether I want a potent high or more therapeutic benefits.
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