I enjoy living in Seattle immensely

I decided to move to Seattle with my parents so long ago.

  • I was actually young at the time and I barely recall living in another state.

When my parents moved to Seattle, it was due to the increased interests in growing medical and recreational marijuana. Both of my parents are actually biologists that specialized in botany! My mom got his PhD after writing a paper on the benefits of using recreational marijuana, CBD, and thca. My parents decided to work for a medical supply business, but now they are retired. I still am living in Seattle and so do both of my parents. I could not easily imagine living in another place. A bunch of people don’t prefer the climate in Seattle. It can be relatively dark and rainy. I have found ways to deal with the sadness though. I try not to focus on the rain and dark skies… Recreational marijuana helps a great deal too. I have been using recreational marijuana since I was aged enough to understand how it affects my body. My parents both utilized recreational marijuana, so they did not argue when I also felt a need for the plants! They would have been total hypocrites trying to tell me no. They educated me on the dangers of going overboard and I promise to be extremely careful and take the proper dosage. I never had an issue and I never overdosed to a point where I felt incredibly awful. My parents are actually in their 70s now, but they still use recreational marijuana to date. Once a week I drive into Seattle and we have supper, and every one of us always shares a joint on the porch before having some good food.


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