Our family reunion in Portland was filled with beer and cannabis

Every year my siblings and I host a different kind of family reunion.

There are no children or spouses invited, this is only for the blood relatives.

Other events are for the whole family, but not these. One weekend a year the five of us rent a house somewhere new and spend a couple days getting ripped. As I mentioned, this was not the normal kind of family reunion! This year we chose Portland, Oregon as the site of our reunion, because it is well regarded for its locally brewed beer and its locally grown cannabis. Portland is home to a half dozen major breweries, and at least forty or fifty smaller ones. Portland is a town that loves its beer, so I always find the best craft brews here. I bought several cases worth of Portland beer, to keep the whole family well-lubricated the whole weekend. The next stop was one of the famous Portland cannabis dispensaries. They are famous not because of being flashy or far-out, just for the high quality of cannabis available there. Remember what I said about all the breweries in Portland? There are a lot more cannabis farms and dispensaries in Portland than there are breweries! My siblings and I spent no time exploring the wonders of Portland, which is filled with great local music and food. Instead we stayed indoors the whole time, chugging beers and consuming ounces of that killer Portland cannabis. It was such a great time, I think that all of our future reunions need to be held right here in Portland, Oregon.

Pot Portland OR