Everything seems larger than life in Las Vegas

Regardless of the topic at hand, if you are shooting a Youtube show, a documentary, or even a horror movie then you should try doing it in Las Vegas.

  • I have always wanted to become a filmmaker, and since I was 15 years old I kept trying my hand and making short films.

Now I am a little older, and trying to get enrolled in film school. One of the prerequisites for being accepted to this particular film school is to present a full length movie or documentary. It doesn’t require a lot of money, just a camera, an idea, and the ability to get it done. My first thought was to gather up my fellow film nerds and take a road trip to Las Vegas. First of all, we are all huge fans of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, which is one of the greatest road trip movies of all time. Second of all, Las Vegas has legalized cannabis, and there are dozens of different dispensaries. We didn’t require cannabis to shoot a film in Las Vegas, but we were all hardcore potheads so we couldn’t resist! We spent three days prowling the streets of Las Vegas, shooting footage of this place that seems larger than life. We decided to go home not because we were happy with the footage, but because we ran out of money. So after one last trip to the cannabis dispensary we left Las Vegas, and filmed ourselves smoking in the car the whole drive home. I think Hunter Thompson would have been proud.


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