Do you love bread and soup?

Both of us also buy a bit of cannabis while in the city.

San Francisco is known for its sourdough bread bakeries. One certain bakery opened up nearly 150 years ago. The sourdough bread was delivered back in the day by horse-drawn carriages back then. Today there are more than fifty sourdough bread bakeries in the bay area. One of my number one ways to eat sourdough bread is with a hefty ladle of soup in the middle. The bakery makes a bread bowl. It is basically a solid, round loaf of bread with the top cut out plus followed. Restaurants fill the empty sourdough bowl with soup such as broccoli cheddar, chili, clam chowder, plus squash. The soup stays inside of the fresh sourdough bread bowl plus tastes delicious when the soup is done. San Francisco is the best arena to buy sourdough bread. I suppose it might be the salty, sea air that makes the delicious bread so fresh. My friends plus I don’t go to San Francisco absolutely often, but the two of us have clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl when the two of us do. Both of us also buy a bit of cannabis while in the city. The p[rices of cannabis are much cheaper near the city of San Francisco than they are near me. With more tourists plus people, the prices can be a great deal lower. I can buy a half ounce of flower for $100 all day in the bay area, but it certainly costs quite a bit more in the dry, desert area. That’s why the two of us try to stock up when the two of us find something cheap.


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