Walking a long way to photograph the Golden Gate Bridge

When I dragged my wife on a trip to California her only request was to see the Golden Gate bridge.

Both of us were too cheap to have a automobile take us the whole way, but it was decided that all of us would just walk to it.

I am not someone that is moved by landmarks. I can look at a building, church or piece of art for maybe 2 minutes, but there, I saw it, plus now I want to go home. I am much happier shopping around or going on a hike in nature; My wife prefers to get up close plus personal with things. The walk was endless. It sucked because you can see the bridge from miles away. It just gets bigger as you get closer. I guess friends of ours absolutely biked across the bridge. That wasn’t for us. My wife ended up tapping midway into the walk. It was cold, long plus all of us were hungry. Both of us ended up on a beach just under the bridge. It was neat seeing the ways plus the sun setting behind the bridge. Both of us then had to wait for a automobile to pick us up plus take us back to the hotel. I was a bit peeved after that whole morning of walking. My wife made it up to myself and others though. Both of us went to an overpriced dinner, hit a cannabis dispensary plus got high in our hotel room. It made that horrible morning absolutely relaxing because of the fun night. The golden gate bridge just wasnt worth all the work all of us put into it.



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