Driving from Portland to the area of Oregon

I grew up on the coast of Oregon, as well as I mean right on the coast, however from my front yard I could see the ocean, which meant I spent a lot of time on the beach, but going to the beach in Oregon is different from other locations, but i usually stayed high as well as dry in the sand dunes, or using driftwood as a jungle gym, then the water is icy cold there, so I never played in the waves certainly much, and now that I live in Portland, Oregon I find myself missing the beach quite a bit. On the weekend sometimes I will take the 2 hour drive from Portland to the coast, so I can see the ocean again. This is 1 of the several amazing things about residing in Portland. I have all the convenience of a large city, however within a 2 hour drive from Portland there is the coast, skiing, hunting, rock climbing, as well as more! Portland is a cultural center for the entire state, with a killer songs scene as well as a burgeoning movie as well as TV community. It is also home to the best cannabis I have ever smoked in my life. On my long drives from Portland to the coast I smoke copious amounts of cannabis the entire trip. Spending a few hours on the beach constantly soothes my soul, as well as then the people I was with and I am ready to get back to the civilization of Portland, and as much as I love the village life, getting out of Portland for a day is a terrific stress reliever, as well as smoking cannabis doesn’t hurt, either.

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