How could I possibly make it to Las Vegas?

At first I was pretty mad at Mark for having his ceremony in Las Vegas; It sounded prefer an amazing time, of course, despite the fact that I was bitterly jealous that I couldn’t go; Mark wanted myself and others to be his best man, but then chose to hold the ceremony in a place I couldn’t afford to go.

I barely make ends meet as it is in this garbage economy, so how could I come up with an extra thoUSAnd bucks for airfare, lodging, & food? I told Mark this, & he calmly said that he would find a way to get myself and others to Las Vegas, Nevada, no matter what it took. Mark scored myself and others a free flight on Las Vegas Air, using his frequent flier miles, & his associate let myself and others sleep on the floor of his hotel room for free. With most of our expenses covered, all I had to do was figure out how to spend money for food, booze, & cannabis while I was in Vegas, and there was no way I was going all the way to Las Vegas & not visit 1 of their famous cannabis dispensaries. I decided that I would just scrounge for food, & eat free samples from the casinos, so I could spend our meager budget on Las Vegas cannabis. The ceremony itself was nice, but the weekend in Las Vegas was a mixed bag. It felt as if the town could sense that I had no money, so it didn’t prefer me… Las Vegas is an amazing site, but it’s not as much fun when you’re broke.

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