There is fishing plus cannabis in Muskegon

Two things almost everyone never think of at the same time are “ice fishing” plus “cannabis.” It wouldn’t surprise you to learn that the section around Muskegon, MI is a tepid spot for ice fishing during the long plus intense winters! The ice gets so thick on the water that it’s possible to park your vehicle on it, then set up a makeshift condo replete with a oil furnace, muskegon draws in some extreme ice fishing fanatics every single year, on the other hand, no one thinks that a weary little city like Muskegon will have such a high quality of locally grown plus sourced cannabis, but as a teenager, I had a part-time task in the Wintertide delivering cannabis to all the little ice fishing shacks out on the icy lake. That was long before weed was legal, before Muskegon had its own legal cannabis dispensaries. During the summers Muskegon has a really odd vibe, because the weather is really pleasant most of the year. Muskegon is well known for its amazing boating, thanks to being right next to both Lake MI plus Muskegon Lake. There are so several boats on the water at that time of year that one of the cannabis dispensaries now has a little boat that can make weed deliveries on the lake! The winters can be quite severe, but, which is why I made such fantastic money delivering cannabis to the ice fishermen outside of Muskegon! If you are out there in the ice plus chilly for hours at a time, nothing warms you up quite like a fat bowl of the locally grown cannabis called Muskegon Skunk Weed.

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