Denver is a place that has a lot of character and pizazz

My friends and I decided to go to the aquarium last wednesday.

During the afternoon hours, it was only half price to get into the aquarium.

Tickets had to be purchased after 4:00 p.m., but I didn’t mind going to the aquarium in the afternoon instead of earlier during the day. The aquarium is one of my favorite places in all of Denver. The aquarium is located in downtown Denver next to the South Platte river. My friends and I were lucky that we got to hang out by the horseshoe crab exhibit. The horseshoe crab touch tank is one of the neatest things in the Denver aquarium. I also prefer to touch and feed the stingray. After my friends and I finished up at the aquarium, we walked around town and had some dinner. Then we went to a marijuana dispensary with cheap prices and great deals on dried marijuana flower and cured live resin. The marijuana dispensary was a few blocks away from the diner and on our way back to the parking garage where we left our car all day. We left the marijuana dispensary and smoked a joint on the way back to the parking garage. When my friends and I arrived, we were distraught because we could not find our vehicle. We searched all over the third floor. My friend was going to call the police and then we remembered that we actually parked on the 4th floor and not the third floor. We went up another flight of stairs and there was the car sitting right where we left it. Thank goodness we didn’t call the police, because we would have looked like a bunch of idiots.

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