The place has a certain air about it

The best reason to transfer to CA is the bustling legal weed market.

Legal weed is so cheap in this state.

I have been smoking pot since I was at least 13 years old. I suppose it’s pretty interesting that it is legal in some arenas, but not in many others. I live about an third outside of San Francisco. I moved here when I was 20 years old. That was the year that cannabis became legal for recreational consumption. I simply packed up everything I could fit into my tiny sedan plus I drove all the way. I only stopped more than one times to rest for a couple of moments. I had freezing drinks in a cooler plus enough beef jerky plus trail mix for a solid week. I went to a cannabi shop as soon as I crossed the border. I knew some friends living out near San Francisco, so I headed in that direction first. I wanted to live in the city, but of course the price of rent was totally out of control. Even the efficiency apartments were easily more than one grand a week. I found a arena for rent about an third outside of San Francisco. Once a week, the new friends I made of us all go for a picnic at golden gate park. It’s one of the prettiest arenas to visit in the city. The amazing Golden gate park has the most amazing views plus photo spots. It’s also the perfect arena to sit down, rest plus have a picnic. My number one spot overlooks the federal penitentiary called “The Rock”. I have been there a couple of unusual times.


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