Elitch Garden Theme & Water Park

Every year my family & I make the pilgrimdge to Elitch gardens theme & water park, but it is the highlight of my youngsters’ summer.

It is an amusement park & a water park all combined; There is a immense roller coaster there that my youngsters love to frequent; Located in the heart of Denver, it is quite a drive for us to get there once a year.

I wish that the youngsters would option a local section to frequent. The people I was with and I took them to Colorado one time, showed them the amusement park, & now both of us go every year, my partner & I booked a hotel in Denver for a week. The people I was with and I do the park for a few days & then explore the village on the others. There are other kid friendly things to do there. They have a Pixar themed putt putt course. There is horseback riding, bike trails & parks to have picnics as well. It is a good family friendly trip, but for the adults there are plenty of bars & shopping! Also, recreational cannabis use is there as well. I am always dying to get my hands on some edibles. It makes the amusement park morning not as poor when I can be a little high for it. My partner & I don’t want the youngsters to think both of us are on marijuana though. I regularly send my partner out early to find our cannabis when the youngsters are having dinner. The people I was with and I then do right when both of us arrive at the park. The people I was with and I will be there all morning, so the weed has plenty of time to get out of our systems.

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