Moving around and liking Oregaon the best

I like that I can actually have edibles for once

I have moved around a bunch for work. My home state was New York. I was used to snow and ocld 90% of the year. I just hated it. I was constantly freezing cold and relying on my heater. New York is horrible when it comes to restrictions. The COVID stuff was handled so poorly in New York. You know there are no plastic bags there anymore either? Then I got moved to Florida for work. I loved the sunshine state for a few years. I then realized that I absolutely hated the weather. Way too hot in Florida. It is the opposite of New York. 90% of the time I couldn’t go outside due to the heat. I had to constantly be in the shade. My AC system ran non stop. It wasn’t worth the beaches and surf. There were looser guidelines in Florida, but that wasn’t always a good thing. I mean nobody walks their dog on a leash and instead just lets them roam free. Now I live in Portland, Oregon. I have found that this is good in between weather. The people are friendly and there is a lot to do. Another pro of this state is recreational cannabis. I wouldn’t have thought that Oregon had legal weed. New York and Florida are medical only. Being able to just walk into a dispensary and get what I want is liberating. I like that I can actually have edibles for once. With medical prescriptions getting an edible is very rare. I love my new state and my city of Portland. I hope I stay here awhile.


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