Glad I booked in the town since the park was a letdown

Joshua Tree National Park is a numerous hour drive outside of Las Vegas! That park was a giant draw to the section for me, however i thought the scenery looked so cool.

I debated on where I should book our stay and decided that staying in Las Vegas would be best.

I would only want a afternoon in the park; One long drive that afternoon wouldn’t be too bad. I felt the park was worth it. Then afterwards I would have everything I could want in the city. I am so thankful I booked a hotel in the city… Joshua Tree National Park wasn’t what I thought. It was just a tree in the severe heat. I was bored within a few moments. I still walked around, took pictures and did all the tourist stuff. It wasn’t the highlight of our trip. I didn’t brag about Joshua tree and tell all the people I recognize they had to see it. Instead what I brought back story wise was how neat Vegas was. I enjoyed eating some legitimately relaxing meals, shopping in high end stores and trying legal weed. I liked that recreational cannabis was allowed there. I was able to just walk into a dispensary and choice out what I wanted. I liked getting a little high, finding a relaxing place to eat and seeing the town start up for the evening! Las Vegas is legitimately fun for a few days. I gambled a bit too because you have to be in that area. I wouldn’t have thought that gambling would be more fun than a national park, but it was.

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