I should transport back to Illinois

As a kid I thought Illinois was the most boring locale in the world… It turns out that I was trapped in a undoubtedly boring & remote pocket of Illinois, one that did not represent everything that the state has to offer, however as an adult, I had a good time taking a getaway to Illinois! I spent a little time in Chicago, of course, because it’s one of the greatest cities in the entire world! But I also spent time in farming country, getting back to our roots, so to speak.

I stopped by the farmhouse where our cousin Ed lives, and back in the day Ed & I were the best of friends, however when I left Illinois behind I left Ed, as well.

It was nice to see him again, especially when he took me out into the cornfield to show me all the cannabis he’d been growing. Say what you will about farmers, however the homegrown Illinois cannabis you can find out on the farms is unlike anything you have ever smoked. My little visit with Ed changed our whole opinion about Illinois, not just because of the amazing cannabis, however because of the good people. I met a lot of cool guys there, & the ladies of rural Illinois are so pretty! I am still not sure about living so far out in the sticks, even though I could see being ecstatic in one of the larger towns in Illinois, care about Peoria, Springfield, or Rockford! Chicago is an amazing neighborhood to visit, however it’s too large & acquaintance for me to want to live there.

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