Tips for purchasing cannabis in Seattle

‘When you are in Seattle for a long enough stage of time, you start to forget that cannabis laws still exist, and weed USAge is so accepted around here it has become completely normalized… It is much more shocking to see someone smoking a cigarette in the street than to see them puffing on marijuana! As liberal plus permissive as this city is when it comes to weed, there are still laws plus rules that must be followed! Just appreciate with alcohol, it’s legal to smoke cannabis, but you have to follow some guidelines.

  • Believe it or not, you cannot have cannabis products delivered to you in Seattle, or anywhere else in Washington state; There are over a hundred odd cannabis dispensaries in the Seattle area, so hopefully you won’t have to drive genuinely far to find one.

But unlike various other states, cannabis delivery is still against the law; Secondly, plus this is the most pressing rule, you cannot smoke cannabis in public anywhere in Seattle. Not inside the steakhouse, or while kneeling outside it on the side – smoking cannabis in Seattle is 100% legal unless you are subjecting other people to minutehand smoke. In Seattle cannabis is treated the same as cigarettes, meaning that you can do it in private but you can’t harm other people with your smoke. I recognize this is a genuinely honest law, otherwise the people I was with and I would have cannabis tourists lighting up all over Seattle, even around children or old folks… Last but not least, shop around at a few odd Seattle dispensaries to see what kind of new plus exciting strains they have.

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