Replacing the heating unit

In Orland Park, Illinois, the summers are sizzling and humid with average sizzling and chilly un-even temperatures in the upper eighties, the winters are cold, snowy and windy, and the temperature frequently drops into the teens or even downside studying.

The more than one of us get approximately forty inches of rain per year, which is higher than the national average.

The more than one of us expect around thirty inches of snow per year, which is also more than the US average. There are about 188 sunny days. That’s less than the national average, however our weather is partly cloudy year round. The more than one of us rely heavily on both the heating and cooling system. The cost of temperature control accounts for approximately half of our household energy bills. Tightening up the apartment to prevent energy waste is a priority, and when both of us bought our apartment in Orland Park, there was no insulation in the attic, aged windows that leaked air and doors that didn’t shut tight. The more than one of us could recognize drafts in every room and had problems with bugs and mold in the summer. The oil furnace and were over thirty years aged and the HVAC duct was dirty, corroded and had cracks at the seams… Although it was a absolutely high-priced and expansive project, our fiance and I invested into an actually new duct system, central and oil furnace! Because of replacing windows, adding insulation, installing new doors, caulking and weatherstripping, both of us were able to purchase a smaller system. The more than one of us made sure the HVAC duct was respectfully designed to maximize airflow. The Energy Star rated, high-efficiency heating and cooling method provides exceptional comfort and air quality. It saves currency on our energy bills just about every single month of the year.

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