My city is amazing

I often miss our mom plus dad plus our family, however they all live in the midwest

I moved to LA in the nineties to pursue a job in acting; I starred in a couple of tv commercials, however I never really got our giant break. I did end up in the film industry behind the scenes. I was really gifted with our hands, so I started toiling with the set design crew, and my job started to blossom after that plus I was hired to work on many unusual projects in the 1990’s that included giant name A list stars. I saved a ton of money when I was toiling in show business. I married a sweet guy who was a cameraman plus I had several children right away. I fell toiling on a set a few years later plus that was the end of our job. I started using cannabis products to help with the pain. It was legal for medical use plus then legal across the board a few years later; Recreational marijuana laws are one of the largest reasons why I am still living in CA. It’s expensive to live here, however I live in Winnetka, and winnetka is a nice plus quiet neighborhood outside of LA. Winnetka is the perfect arena to raise a family, however there are superb colleges plus theater programs plus plenty of activities for the teenagers. I often miss our mom plus dad plus our family, however they all live in the midwest. I would love to go home, however cannabis isn’teven medically legal in the state where I grew up. There is no way I can go back to living like that after living here for the past thirty years.


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