Seeing San Francisco

Spending a week of trip in San Francisco was a dream come true, but as a big fan of the sixties movement & tunes, I’ve regularly wanted to explore the City by the Bay.

  • I took a tour of steep & crooked Lombard Street & wandered around the neighborhoods of North Beach, the Castro & the Mission.

I couldn’t wait to rest on the corner of Haight & Ashbury streets, which is where the 1960s flower power originated. I was impressed with the colorful Victorian houses, amazing restaurants & little boutiques, there are tattoo parlors, piercing parlors & particular clothing shops along Upper Haight, then downhill on Haight Street are tunes shops selling vinyl records, consignment stores selling vintage clothing & dive bars. I made sure to look up the former Grateful Dead condo at 740 Ashbury Street & the former Jefferson Airplane condo at 2400 Fulton street, but however, they are private residences now & not available for touring. A highlight of my trip was a stop at some of the local cannabis dispensaries in San Francisco. I was surprised by how big, current & high-end these shops are. They carry a big selection of products. There are dozens of strains of smokable flower & pre-rolls. I found an amazing variety of disposable & refillable vape pens. The tinctures were especially tempting because they are so compact, portable & discreet. I care about the convenience of the included dropper for dosing, and waxes, shatter, diamonds & live sauce were just some of the impressive array of concentrates. I bought a few gummies & some chocolate bars on my first stop at the dispensary. I went back 2 mornings later to try out the cookies & beverages.

Pot Delivery San Fransisco CA