Enjoy the skies from Lowell

If you are someone who prefers to gaze at the skies and dream about what lies Beyond The Limited environment of Earth, a single of the best places for you to visit is Lowell MI; Whether you want to pop the question to that appealing woman, sip on a little champagne around the holidays, or simply like a clear, crisp night, I recommend you gaze at the stars through the James C, veen observatory. This Observatory is the greatest Observatory ever built by amateur Stargazers, but run by the GRAND RAPIDS AMATEUR ASTRONOMICAL ASSOCIATION, The Observatory has a lot to offer. The goal of this amazing place and group of people is to promote the like of astronomy by educating people, Doing Outreach to people, and completing research. Whatever your interest might be, you can find it at Veen, once a month, the observatory has A public night… Generally scheduled for the clearest night of the month, anyone who is interested can go out and like the view. however that is not all that is available. The Observatory often has distinguished speakers come to share their insights and knowledge with us, but hearing a single of these charismatic and brilliant talks is more than a wonderful way to spend an night. Want to bring your church group or your Girl Scouts 2 Visit? simply go online and schedule a time… Don’t wait too long though. Group tour times fill up fast.Whether you already consider yourself and astronomical stargazer or you simply have a small interest or maybe you are just trying to impress a girl, whatever reason you have 4 gazing at the skies, I highly recommend you do so from The Amazing MI City of Lowell.


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