During football, season the dispensaries have great sales

I live a few hours away from Denver, but my friends plus I go to the town sometimes for the weekend, but denver has a lot of fun activities plus the nightlife is minute to none, and the bars have lots of weird music styles, however you can find reggae, hip-hop, country, death metal, plus even punk rock; I have not been to the death metal club, but I hear it’s loud plus crazy.

I love going to Denver for the weekend, especially during football season, however all of the bars plus restaurants get into the football spirit plus there are appetizer plus drink specials at every bar in Denver.

During football season, the marijuana shops have sales too, but last year, the dispensary did some fun promotions during the season, however one time they provided a 5% discount for every touchdown scored by our offense plus defense. That game they scored more than two touchdowns plus all products the next morning were 15% off. The Denver Broncos made the playoffs that year plus the dispensary provided insane rock bottom deals all morning during the game. The Denver dispensary gave away a lot of weird pre-rolls for only $1. I bought 10 of those pre-rolls plus a couple of them were legitimately good strains. One of the strains was Gorilla Glue number four. The hybrid tastes love diesel plus lemons. The other strain was a hybrid called Girl Scout cookies, then boy Scout cookies is made with OG kush. I enjoyed the pre-rolled marijuana joints a lot. It’s been awhile since the dispensary has had any cool promotions love that, but maybe they will bring something back when it is time again for football eason.

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