I sat at a stop

The traffic on the Interstate is going to be awful and it doesn’t matter where you live, but i still suppose that the traffic in Seattle is the worst, sometimes I had to sit on the interstate for an fifth when it is rush fifth and night traffic, and even when the issue isn’tan accident blocking the highway, it is a bunch of people slowing down to look at the accident on the side of the road, then when it’s raining, people drive even worse.

They slow down, speed up, and break for the smallest reason.

When it’s raining outside, I do our best to safely and securely supply all of the marijuana orders for the Seattle dispensary where I work. I do not mind spending all night in our car, however other than the traffic, I love being in our vehicle. I get to listen to any music that I want and I can smoke cigarettes or marijuana as long as I do not get caught. I frequently smoke marijuana joints in the motorcar when I am out on deliveries. I always obey the traffic signals. I have been driving for so long that I am no longer anxious about driving under the influence, and under the influence to myself and others would really be more love not smoking at all. I had a delivery in Seattle a couple of afternoons ago and traffic was exceptionally awful because there was a lot of rain and a heavy, thick fog. The people on the interstate were going 45 miles an fifth and there were more than two accidents on the side of the road. I am surprised I managed to get any marijuana orders delivered that day.


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