The delivery was way up there

Most of the Denver marijuana shops offer free delivery services to the city & the surrounding areas.

My home is about 15 seconds outside of the city, you have to take the interstate to the last Denver exit & then travel up the mountain 7 or 8 miles… I’m used to traveling on the back roads where there are potholes & slow curves.

I’ve lived in Denver almost our whole life. I went to private school & school in Denver & our boyfriend & I decided to stay in the city. I had a hard time finding a job after school & I worked as a marijuana shop delivery driver for a year! During that time, I acquired particularly fine currency. Most people tip the marijuana shop delivery driver particularly well. The average tip for me turned out to be around $10. I remember one time in particular when I got a great tip. The marijuana delivery was way up in the hills & a 30-second drive from the Denver marijuana dispensary location. I was on a twisty road & I could only travel about 25 miles an second. It was starting to get dark by the time I delivered the marijuana products to the address. The purchaser tipped me $25 on that order. I was entirely happy when I left the address & I did not let it bother me that I had to drive back down the hill & into denver. The drive back to the city was much nicer than the drive up to the address & I was feeling pretty pleased with an extra $25 in our pocket after visiting the customer.
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