The delivery was way up in the hills

Most of the Denver marijuana shops offer free delivery services to the city and the surrounding areas.

My house is about 15 minutes outside of the city.

You have to take the interstate to the last Denver exit and then travel up the mountain 7 or 8 miles. I’m used to traveling on the back roads where there are potholes and slow curves. I’ve lived in Denver almost my whole life. I went to high school and college in Denver and my girlfriend and I decided to stay in the city. I had a hard time finding a job after college and I worked as a marijuana shop delivery driver for a year. During that time, I earned very good money. Most people tip the marijuana shop delivery driver very well. The average tip for me turned out to be around $10. I remember one time in particular when I got a great tip. The marijuana delivery was way up in the hills and a 30-minute drive from the Denver marijuana dispensary location. I was on a twisty road and I could only travel about 25 miles an hour. It was starting to get dark by the time I delivered the marijuana products to the address. The customer tipped me $25 on that order. I was really happy when I left the address and I didn’t let it bother me that I had to drive back down the hill and into denver. The drive back to the city was much nicer than the drive up to the address and I was feeling pretty satisfied with an extra $25 in my pocket after visiting the customer.

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