I enjoy living in Ventura county so close to the sand

When I was in private school, our Dad told me to learn plus labor hard so I could go to university plus get a nice job, she told me that a nice job would help me make all of our dreams come true! My Dad was entirely right about that statement, then the right job has made most of our dreams come true.

There are still some dreams that I hope will come true, but right now life could not be much better, i have a absolutely nice apartment in ThoUSAnd Oaks, CA. The apartment is about an hour away from the beach. I frequently go to the beach with our friends so the people I was with and I can go surfing! Lately I have been practicing windsurfing with a friend’s board. I’m not great, although I get better everyday. I enjoy living in Ventura county. ThoUSAnd Oaks is 1 of the largest cities in the county plus a great place to find cheap prices on marijuana! Almost half of the population uses recreational or medical marijuana. I love to order all of our supplies from a marijuana dispensary in ThoUSAnd Oaks that has the cheapest prices on marijuana concentrate plus pre-rolls. I vape marijuana concentrate frequently. In the afternoon I have a sativa plus in the evening I have an indica. I used to smoke a bowl, but now I just buy pre-rolled marijuana joints, pre-rolls come in lots of shapes plus sizes. You can even get free rules that are infused with terpenes plus flavonoids so they taste enjoy fruity plus delicious flavors.



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