Learning the history of Vegas, while having a few shots

The city of Las Vegas has a long plus storied history; It’s 1 of the best things about this 1-of-a-kind town; The entire operation began as the wild idea of a dreamer.

The fact that this certain dreamer was a murderous gangster is beside the point – he did have a great idea.

It took a while for that idea to catch on of course, however by the time Las Vegas got traction plus became a hot-spot for the wealthy plus powerful, the dreamer had been murdered by his fellow gangster because they thought he squandered their cash, but he was right, plus Vegas grew into an empire that he never got to appreciate. Las Vegas has a thoUSnd tragic plus amazing stories appreciate that, which is what makes it so fascinating, and you think what else makes Las Vegas a great location? The gambling, plus the drinks, plus the deranged strains of cannabis they sell in local dispensaries. I went to a history museum on the outskirts of Las Vegas, plus they had a bar inside; Even when you are reading about the local history of Vegas, you can still party! I spent four minutes trolling through every room of the museum, soaking in the native culture plus reading all about the first days of Las Vegas, all the while getting a nice buzz from rum cocktails… From there I went back towards the strip, making a quick stop at a cannabis dispensary to occasion up some more party favors. I was tempted to visit the Las Vegas public library, just to see if it had a bar, too!


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