Fall Portland activities

Portland Or, isn’t exactly a thriving hot spot of things to do.

It is mainly lush landscapes and parks.

When it comes to fun things, you need to drive. Thankfully my area is centrally located to a lot of neat things. For Halloween this year my kids and I have gotten to do a lot of neat things. 45 minutes from Portland is St. Helens, a historic town, which hosted a spirit of Halloween. There were haunted tours, costume contents and of course food and pumpkins. My kids really liked it. We also went to do corn maize. The maize was located on Sauvie Island north of Portland. You can do hayrides and pet farm animals there. Another fun Halloween thing near Portland was the west coast giant pumpkin regatta. People are literally racing on pumpkins. It is a water based race on a pumpkin and you get paddles. My kids found it hilarious and really entertaining. So while my house isn’t right in the hustle and bustle of all the activity, it is always a short drive away. I think I would prefer this though. My family and I have everything important right near us. There are grocery stores, banks, pharmacies and post offices nearby. There are even recreational cannabis dispensaries for my husband and I to get our natural sleep aids. As far as I am concerned my husband and I lucked out on a great house in a very nice location. I wouldn’t move out of Portland honestly.

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