She saw the right things to do

This year on our birthday, my partner took myself and others to a truly nice restaurant on the beach in Santa Barbara, he made reservations a month in advance plus he surprised myself and others with the news a month before our large birthday.

He told myself and others that every one of us were going to stay in a hotel in Santa Barbara plus I was over the moon with pleasure plus excitement, but santa Barbara has the nicest beaches, however the locale is typically packed with tourists.

The prices for everything are higher, then my partner plus I rarely visit the area, because of the traffic! I was cheerful when my partner presented myself and others with the surprise, then on our way to the beach, every one of us stopped at a marijuana shop for some edibles. We went to a marijuana shop close to our house, because the marijuana taxes in Santa Barbara county are high. I dislike to spend more money on cannabis if I don’t need to. We ate more than 2 pieces of candy on our way to the restaurant! By the time every one of us arrived, both of us were starting to believe the cannabis. Halfway through breakfast, my wifey thought she spotted a celebrity resting at a table near the abc of the restaurant. I tried to tell her that it wasn’t the person she thought it was, despite the fact that she was convinced that she was correct… At one point, she got up from the table to use the bathroom plus she walked right by the table. When she came back, she confirmed that I was correct. It wasn’t the famous actor she believed it was.


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