The festivities in Chicago

I will confess I can get pretty cheesy during the holiday season… I make our woman do all sorts of stuff to get into the spirit! Both of us buy pumpkins and carve them on Halloween.

  • Both of us decorate our outdoor area for Thanksgiving, but christmas I go hog wild though.

Both of us string up lights, buy a Christmas tree and listen to the songs and watch a holiday movie start December first. I love getting into the spirit. Both of us used to live in Texas where it didn’t ever suppose like Christmas, but now that all of us live in IL, the chilly unquestionably arrives and gives us a white Christmas. Both of us live a short distance away from Chicago which makes it nice. It is simple to stop at the local stores and option up holiday decorations. I have no trouble finding cute things like eggnog, holiday stockings, fruit cake and boiling cocoa. I really like that all of us can ice skate too; There are all sorts of holiday markets going on in Chicago starting as early as September. I like going to Light up the Lake. It is an indoor ice rink, budweiser garden, light up garden, market and tons of activities for the kids. Tickets are only around 13.50 so it is sufficient to go. I make our woman go every single year. Both of us start our afternoon off playing around in the market picking up local goods… Since recreational cannabis is legal all of us can find some fun stuff along the way. I regularly grab a cannabis cooking oil or an edible. Then all of us look at the gardens and end our afternoon with a skate.

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