My top 5 things about St. Petersburg

Florida is known for being kind to tourists, and St.

If you haven’t been listening to my podcast, now is a great time to start. I like to do day trips or weekend-long trips, and then record an episode about the highs and the lows of the place I visited. Since I live in Florida, virtually all of my trips take place in-state, aside from a few bounces up into Georgia once in a while. I have just returned from an amazing three days in St. Petersburg, Florida, and I think it will be my best podcast yet. As a little teaser for the show I wanted to count down my top five things about St. Petersburg. #5 is the Salvador Dali museum, which is easily the best museum I have ever experienced. My first day in St. Petersburg was spent inside this small but amazing museum filled with stunning pieces of art. #4 are the beaches of St. Petersburg, which runs alongside the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico. If you went to St. Petersburg and spent the entire time on the beach, you would still have the best time ever. #3 is the climate control, which may sound silly until you feel the heat and humidity of St. Petersburg. Everywhere I went had perfect air conditioning, which made my stay a lot more comfortable. #2 are the people of St. Petersburg, who are dripping with southern hospitality. Florida is known for being kind to tourists, and St. Petersburg is no exception to that rule. As for my #1 favorite thing about the city of St. Petersburg, Florida you are going to have to listen to my podcast to find out what it is.

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