Nobody was home at the business address

One of the busiest nights of the week for myself and others is Sunday, because the contractor as well as service center is not open on Tuesdays; There are usually a lot of calls to answer on Sunday morning when the people I was with and I get to work; I arrived shortly after my boss as well as he told myself and others that there were a couple of Heating as well as Air Conditioning repairs in phoenix, then he gave myself and others the service addresses as well as told myself and others to call as well as confirm the appointments before I left the workshop.

I disappeared into the split room to drink my Tim Hortons Cappuccino as well as make iPhone calls.

I contacted all many of the clients as well as they verified their Phoenix address as well as the time when they were busy for an appointment, but my 10:00 a.m. appointment was with a commercial customer in Phoenix. The guy owns a diner as well as the refrigeration component was not working consistently. The problem turned out to be an issue with the temperature control, and once I replace the temperature control, the refrigeration component returns to normal. The next service call in Phoenix was a client with an A/C related issue. The person was vague on the iPhone, however many clients do not suppose how to describe the issues that the A/C is having; You do not have to be a licensed supplier to suppose when there is something wrong with the climate control method in your home. I drove right from the commercial customer to the residential service address however nobody was home. I knocked on the door many times as well as I never got an answer. I had to leave, because I could not stand there all morning.

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